Actionable Insight Of Earth From Orbit
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Falcon-Eyez Always Looking

Relax, we will tell You when something is up.

Automatic event detection

Falcon-Eyez alerts you only when the object-of-interest does something interesting. Our system provides customizable anomaly and event detection through adaptive AI and compter vision tools.

super high resolution

Utilizing high ground resolution imagery from a multitude of data providers, Falcon-Eyez allows surveillance, detection and tracking of a large variety of objects.

Highest update rate

Gather insight of the area-of-interest at the highest update rate commercially available. Falcon-Eyez is your watchdog in space: tracking time critical events and gathering statistical data.

Expertise and Background

We have extensive history with AI, computer vision and surveillance systems.

Satellite communications

Tracking and communications development of UHF and X-band ground stations.

Earth Observation Satellites

Nanosatellites development and testing.

AI & Computer Vision

Earth Observation electro-optic and SAR data analytics: segmentation, detection, automation.

Let's be intelligent about space!

Martin Simon


Toomas Pruuden


Hardi Tiitus

UI/Ux Lead

Kristjan Vilgo

AI & Data Systems Lead

Tõnis Tammisaar


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